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Age in Place – The Book

Age In Place - A guide to modifying, organizing and decluttering Mom and Dad's homeAge in Place – A Guide to Modifying, Organizing and Decluttering Mom and Dad’s Home  (Keep Them Safe – Keep YOU Sane) was created to help seniors remain in their own homes in the face of declining physical and/or cognitive abilities.  As routine daily tasks, those which were always taken for granted, become harder to accomplish, the seniors need a plan of action so they can safely and successfully remain in their homes.  The challenge is that many seniors will not acknowledge that they even need help.

“I’m not leaving this house until they take me out horizontally.” These were the words spoken by one of my patients as she greeted me at the door when I arrived to complete an assessment of her home. She was echoing the sentiments, according to AARP, of the more than “90% of seniors who prefer to age in place; staying in their own homes, continuing to make independent choices and maintaining control over their lives.” The problem is these homes have often become difficult to negotiate and manage. Despite the hurdles, our senior parents have expressed a desire to stay in their homes no matter the challenges of doing so. And the poor kids, knowing mom has trouble getting in and out of the shower, knowing dad is unsteady on the stairs, have had nowhere to turn.  Until now.

Age in Place addresses these new challenges to make life at home safer, more manageable and easier to navigate.  It provides a step by step, room by room guide to simple and often immediate modifications.  The answer to “what do we do” with mom and dad requires that everyone tries to see the situation through their loved ones’ eyes, with respect, and that everyone gives a little. Age in Place will show you how to do exactly that, reducing everyone’s stress level thereby leading to a resolution that makes everyone happy.

The solution is to meet in the middle. Sometimes we lose sight of the impact our parents have had on our entire life.  We may have taught them how to use a smart phone or Skype with their grandchildren, but let’s not forget that they taught us hygiene, manners, and basic life skills.  Your best chance for success is to work cooperatively with mom and dad, not to lose your patience and to always treat them with the respect they deserve. It’s a win-win.

They’ll be safe. You’ll be sane.

Features include:

  • Part one joins Lynda on a guided walking tour starting with the exterior through the entranceway and into all the living areas of the home.  Along the way you will learn how best to make modifications to maximize ease with mobility and overall safety.
  • At the end of each chapter are “Hacks for Health and Home” – Helpful tips garnered from years of providing Occupational Therapy in the home.
  • Part two teaches the family how best to organize their efforts to care for mom and dad. This includes how to detect that they need help, strategies to encourage them to accept the help, methods to create the caregiving team and ways to organize the tasks that need to be done.
  • Throughout the book are photographs of actual modifications.
  • Part three includes recommendations for the best home medical equipment, where to obtain services and additional helpful resources.
  • ​Check lists for vital documents for easy retrieval ​in case of an emergency.
  • Fill-in-the blank sheets at the end of the book so the reader can conduct their own assessment of the home with highlighted potential trouble spots and tips on modifications.

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