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Personal Message from Lynda Shrager

It would be great if life was as simple as a relaxing day at the beach with the warmth of the sun on our faces, the soothing sounds of crashing waves in the background and a nice warm ocean breeze. As you have logged onto this site and are reading this message, it is likely that you have hit a major bump or a crossroads in your life. What follows is my personal story and why was created.

Lynda Shrager is Otherwise Healthy – You Can Be Too!

Lynda ShragerThe nurse sticks my chart in the rack hanging outside the exam room, closes the door, and leaves me to wait for the doctor – naked, wrapped in paper. I open the door, snag the chart, and start perusing my medical life story. I pause when I come across a note that begins, “This otherwise healthy 37 year old woman comes to me today for a second opinion after being diagnosed with an aggressive invasive intra-ductal carcinoma of the left breast.”

Otherwise Healthy. I loved that. It was just my breast that was in trouble – the rest of me was fine, and that thought was what I was going to count on to keep me sane.

(Excerpted from Otherwise Healthy® – A Planner to Focus Your Thoughts on Organizing Life after Being Diagnosed with Breast Cancer).

Many of us have faced a serious or life-threatening illness, or have been thrust into the caregiving role for someone who has. Although your situation may seem overwhelming, don’t let it define who you are. Yes, you have a big job ahead of you, a problem that must be faced head on. It is, however, just one aspect of your life, and you don’t want to let it become all consuming. As you read these words, you have taken an important first step toward enhancing your ability to organize your health and home to benefit yourself and those you care for.

Together we will break down what seems like an overwhelming situation into smaller and more manageable bite-sized pieces. Whether it’s negotiating an illness or facing the daunting choice of downsizing for a move or making some modifications so you can stay in your home safely and comfortably; you are Otherwise Healthy and have simply hit a detour on your life’s path. By learning how to get organized you will more quickly find that alternate route back to getting on track.

Life will become normal again. The day will come where your every waking moment won’t be centered on this crisis; you will actually be able to relax with your feet in the sand and enjoy the ocean breezes on your face. It will take some work and patience. You are not alone. Let’s take this journey together.

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