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Otherwise Healthy – The Planner

Otherwise Healthy® – A Planner to Focus Your Thoughts on Organizing Life after Being Diagnosed with Breast Cancer will help you through the breast cancer process.  It may seem Otherwise Healthy The Plannerinconceivable that you are dealing with a diagnosis of Breast Cancer.  More than 19 years later I can still clearly remember the day I got that news.  Through the use of unique fill-in-the-blank workbook pages that are designed to facilitate the information gathering process, this innovative tool will help you or your loved one become more actively involved in the management of their disease from diagnosis to treatment to hopefully many years of follow-up.

What is Otherwise Healthy?

“I’m afraid it’s cancer.” Four of the most terrifying words a person will ever hear. What goes through your mind? Everything. Nothing. A gripping fear of possible pain, disfigurement, even death. How can one deal with this diagnosis and still care for a family, manage a household, maintain a job and live life the way you did before those words were spoken? Many people find it incredibly difficult to organize the various aspects of their lives when they are not facing a crisis. When confronted with a life-altering disease such as Breast Cancer, it can be virtually impossible. Otherwise Healthy was conceived in response to this problem. Fashioned after a daily planner, its pages, called Focusheets®, are worksheets designed to help you gather and document the right information to negotiate this journey, interspersed with text consisting of specific advice, anecdotal stories, humor and encouragement. Otherwise Healthy makes it easy to consolidate pertinent information into one book that is easily transportable and always available. The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Albany Race For the Cure® awarded Otherwise Healthy a grant to fund the initial printing, thereby enabling area medical oncologists and surgeons to distribute it free of charge to their patients.

The current edition of Otherwise Healthy sells for $29.99 plus sales tax (8% for NYS residents) and $9.75 for shipping via priority mail. It is available through this web site or by calling 518-368-0322. A portion from the sale of each book will be used for breast cancer awareness and research. Buy yours now! $29.99 plus $9.75 shipping and handling

Order with confidence using your PayPal account or with your credit card. Order Otherwise Healthy and/or Med Info to Go by mail Otherwise Healthy and Focusheets are registered trademarks of Lynda Shrager.