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At Home For Life

At Home For Life – In Person or Virtually!

Lynda with ClientRemain in your own home longer, safely, comfortably and independently with an At Home for Life Residential Assessment.  The time is now to take proactive steps to allow you to remain in your own home, continue to make independent choices and maintain control over your life. Learning how to make necessary modifications to your home can help you reach those goals.

We often desire to remain in our homes where we raised our families and created so many wonderful memories. One major stumbling block that often derails such plans is our declining physical and cognitive abilities. As we age, we must adapt to the challenges of performing the activities of daily living that we take for granted such as climbing stairs, bathing, meal preparation and managing the house.

Hire Lynda to conduct an At Home for Life Residential Assessment, in person or virtually, to enhance your ability to successfully access and navigate all areas of your home.

What to Expect from your At Home for Life Residential Assessment

Photo of Yellow HouseThe At Home for Life Residential Assessment starts with a detailed in-depth analysis of your home. We will accompany you on a walking tour to observe how you exit and enter your home and mobilize from room to room.

We will evaluate your current living conditions and the safety and accessibility of significant areas of your home including, but not limited to:

The At Home for Life Residential Assessment culminates in the creation of a personalized At Home for Life Plan, that will outline how your environment impacts your ability to function at home and provide recommendations to overcome common obstacles. We will return to your home to present your detailed personalized plan that will include specific recommendations for:

  • Minimizing risk factors that may lead to falls
  • Adaptive equipment to increase independence and maximize functional mobility and safety
  • Home modifications utilizing Universal Design Concepts

Some modifications are as simple as switching your current doorknobs to lever handles. Watch Bailey open the bathroom door!!

How much does it cost to stay At Home for Life?

The total cost for the At Home for Life Residential Assessment is $499.00 and includes the following:

  • An initial visit to conduct the in-depth residential assessment
  • The creation of a personalized At Home for Life Plan
  • A return visit to review and explain the results of the assessment and the detailed plan

Ben and Ruth on porchDon’t wait for an injury or accident to happen! Be proactive and empower yourself to live safely in your home. Lynda Shrager has focused her Occupational Therapy practice on geriatrics and healthy aging and as a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) is qualified and skilled to analyze your living situation and support systems, make recommendations for home modifications and assess residential safety hazards based on each client’s specific needs. Her goal is to promote maximum functionality, safety, independent living and quality of life.

We recently conducted another virtual assessment, this time for a client across the country living in California. Show me around your house and let’s make a plan together

To conduct a virtual assessment you will need:

Cellular service or home Wi-Fi

Smart phone or tablet like an iPhone or iPad

Programs like FaceTime, Google Duo or Zoom

An additional person who can  use your device and help navigate around your home


Don’t need the whole house evaluated?

Lynda will be happy to conduct a mini-consult at an hourly rate to help you with all of your home safety and accessibility questions.

  • Mom and Dad coming to visit and you need some quick modifications?
  • Where do I put the grab bar?
  • Is the toilet seat the right height?
  • How will Dad get into the house from the garage?

Additional Consulting Services

Lynda offers additional consulting services at an hourly rate of $100.00

Services include:

  • Organizing and decluttering your home
  • Developing a best–use, barrier free design for living
  • Maximizing kitchen, bathroom and bedroom space
  • Organizing closets and cabinets to ensure easy access and optimum use of space
  • Creating a health care notebook and recommendations for managing a chronic illness

Universal Design

No matter what your age or current level of physical or mental ability, if you are renovating your current home Lynda will show you what to look for and how to incorporate the concepts of Universal Design to accomplish your goals in an attractive and visually appealing presentation. Lynda can also facilitate the project by working with your contractors and architects. The ideal solution incorporates the concept of “visitability,” which requires a house to have a basic level of accessibility so that all may visit including grandparents, young children and anyone with a disability.

Contact Lynda Shrager to schedule your At Home for Life Assessment and to discuss additional organizing and decluttering services.

Download our At Home for Life brochure (PDF)

Here’s what they are saying about At Home for Life

Lynda was an essential part of our designing our new condo, as we downsized to a new space that would allow us to live comfortably as we move into this next stage of our lives. Lynda was there at every turn, offering expert advice on everything from installations at the building stage through finishes, all done with function and style in mind. Lynda is a joy to work with, a most personable professional, and we highly recommend her for your needs. –Nancy and Jud Eson, Albany, NY