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Goals of the Focushop

Knowledge gained from the Focushops will empower participants to:

  • be proactive rather than reactive
  • become more informed and active participants in their own health care
  • learn how to acquire, understand and utilize pertinent medical information and knowledge
  • organize, document and catalog the acquired knowledge so that it is clear, concise, always accessible and easily transportable
  • create a collaborative doctor/patient effort
  • lessen the potential for medication or treatment errors
  • eliminate or shorten hospital stays and ensure a safe discharge with no re-admissions
  • lessen catastrophic treatment errors because of knowledge and understanding of safety information
  • deal with medical problems before they become serious and more difficult/costly to treat
  • have greater skill managing a chronic illness, thereby reducing stress and improving outcomes
  • enhance the safety and accessibility of your home to remain in place longer

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